Casey Quirk Distribution Study
caseyquirkiconJoin us at the Distribution & Product Council Roundtables to learn and ask questions about the results of a custom Casey Quirk/MFEA survey assessing cost of service and productivity in U.S. Retal distribution. Register Now

Passive Investing & Implications for Active Asset Managers
ActivePassiveJoin executives from Natixis, Russell Indexes and The Vanguard Group as they lead peer discussion on the future of passive products, and how active managers are adjusting to deal with this ever growing segment of products.

Casey Quirk’s Latest Findings on Product Development
caseyquirkAn estimated $4 trillion will be re-allocated by investors toward income-oriented, non-correlated alpha strategies. This whitepaper examines the best product development strategies to employ to compete for those dollars; and the best product development processes to use to achieve optimum results.

STAR Awards Winners Announced 10.15 in Chicago
stariconThank you for entering the 2015 STAR Awards. Judging is underway. Winning firms will be notifed in September. Register for the STAR Awards Celebration now to be on hand when awards are presented October 15 in Chicago. Good luck!

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